Club and International Honours 4 of 7

4. E.R. Nicholson Cup

E.R. Nicholson Cup

John Gasson presented this cup in memory of ER (Nick) Nicholson who died during his Presidency. Nick actively encouraged the youth of the Club throughout his 22 years as Team Secretary.

This Cup is awarded annually to a young player who, in the opinion of the Committee, has shown outstanding promise on the field

This has predominantly been an men's Cup for an up and coming talented player.

1988/89 S. Pilgrim
1989/90 I. Dunston
1990/91 D. Hopley
1991/92 A. Maddock
1992/93 L. Dallaglio
1993/94 C. Wilkins
1994/95 J. Upton
1995/96 P. Scrivener
1996/97 M. Wood
1997/98 J. Worsley
1998/99 F. Waters
1999/00 R. Birkett
2000/01 J. Beardshaw
2001/02 M. Lock
2002/03 J. Rudd
2003/04 T. Voyce
2004/05 J. Hart
2005/06 Not Awarded
2006/07 Not Awarded
2007/08 D. Cipriani
2008/09 Not Awarded
2009/10 Not Awarded
2010/11 A. Lundberg
2011/12 Not Awarded
2012/13 Not Awarded
2013/14 Not Awarded
2014/15 Not Awarded
2015/16 Not Awarded
2016/17 Not Awarded
2017/18 Not Awarded
2018/19 Hannah West
2019/20Maud Muir