John Langley Cap
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3. John Langley Cap

The John Langley Cap

John Langley joined 1955 played on the Wing and quickly progressed to Prop and to Captain various sides until retirement from his beloved Nomads. Assistant Secretary, Member of Officers Selection, Vice-President in 1974, 1st Team Manager, Club Administrator, Trustee and ultimately President from 1997 until 2005.

This Honour was originally known as the H.W.Cap in affectionate memory of John’s grandfather H.W.Barnes a player and tireless worker who was himself President of the Club in 1944-45. (Name changed 06/07)

The Cap continues to be awarded annually to a player who has given especially good service to the Club by enthusiasm and industry on and off the field.

This has become more recently a ladies cap due to the support John Langley gave to the ladies

1975/76 G. Morgan
1976/77 J. Devonport
1977/78 J. Powell
1978/79 A. Raines
1979/80 W. Cuggy
1980/81 HFJ Langley
1981/82 P. Emery
1982/83 A. Richards
1983/84 D. Trotter
1984/85 P. Carroll
1985/86 R. Cardus
1986/87 J. Bonner
1987/88 M. Brooks
1988/89 E. Williams
1989/90 S. N'Jie
1990/91 H. Davies
1991/92 A. Simmons
1992/93 F. Emeruwa
1993/94 Mark Rigby
1994/95 J. Robyn
1995/96 M. White
1996/97 R. Kinsey
1997/98 Cheryl Stennett
1998/99 J. Jarvis
1999/00 Annie Parsons
2000/01 Paula George
2001/02 David Law
2002/03 Sue Day
2003/04 J. Kidd
2004/05 Louise Latter
2005/06 Fiona Stockley
2006/07 Shelley Rae
2007/08 Claire Purdy
2008/09 Not Awarded
2009/10 Not Awarded
2010/11 Not Awarded
2011/12 Not Awarded
2012/13 Not Awarded
2013/14 Not Awarded
2014/15 Not Awarded
2015/16 Not Awarded
2016/17 Not Awarded
2017/18 Kasey Allen
2018/19 Sarah Mitchelson
2019/20 Hannah Edwards